"We've got your back"

Martin Heemskerk is the captain of B2Beyecare.nl/com. Martin has been active as an optician since he was 15 years old. In 2008 he obtained his optician manager diploma in Amersfoort. In addition, he further explores the field of eyes by signing up for contact lens training, and later also the TOA (technical ophthalmological assistant).

After some nice trips abroad. Under which; Suriname, China, India and Australia. In many of these countries he has also been active in the eye, as an optician and salesman. After his return to the Netherlands, he managed shops at various optical stores and chains.

Through the use of loupes in the Lowvision area. B2beyecare entered into a partnership with Optergo from Sweden. This special glass supplier also makes one of the best loupes in the world, De Vinkep. You can still find the Vinkep in our catalogue.
In addition to Optergo Sweden, Admetec Israel joined b2beyecare last year.
We are very proud of the collaboration with Admetec. And it makes us very happy to be able to bring the beautiful products of Admetec, and many others, to the attention of you as our colleagues in hospitals, practices but also at the office. Unfortunately, vision problems are not limited to a specific workplace.

Do you have further questions about eye care, and perhaps more specifically, eye care in the workplace. Then Martin and his team are happy to assist you.

Admetec Ltd.

β€œAll the tools in my clinic are for the patients. Admetec loupes are for ME”

Admetec designs, develops, manufactures and distributes handmade custom magnifiers and LED headlamps. We specialize in making products that are exceptionally light, easy to use and ergonomic - so you can focus on being effective, while we focus on your comfort.

Admetec was founded in 2006 and is based in Haifa, Israel.

Who are we?
"We care for the people who help other people smile."

We are here to support the people we admire - dentists and hygienists, veterinarians and surgeons - good people who have chosen a service profession. Our clients are dedicated, hard-working individuals who make physical and emotional efforts day in and day out to heal others, relieve pain, and guide others to a healthier life. Men and women who have spent years of their lives studying how to positively impact the lives of others, and who never stop learning, are people we should serve.

Admetec is a team of design engineers, production specialists and customer experience managers dedicated to creating solutions and solving problems for our customers. We are people who say β€œYes” (where possible).


Admetec's innovations are driven by the desire to improve user usability, efficiency and well-being. We strive to remove discomfort and distraction from physicians so they can do their best work.

The fusion of high-quality materials and components in an empathetic, user-oriented product design is what results in Admetec excellence.

Service: β€œWe've got your back”

Loupes are an individual tool. What is "right" for one person may not be right for another. We see service as a form of friendship. As with any friendship, a willingness to listen, answer questions, and solve problems together is vital. Determining the optimal solution for each person goes beyond the precise measurements required to make the loupes - it also requires care, attention and patience.

We are not here for the one time sale, our goal is to build career long partnerships with the clinicians using Admetec solutions. β€œWe've got your back” means that, in addition to offering solutions that literally protect your back, you can count on us to support you for years to come and, if necessary, offer new solutions.


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